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Current Concepts In Pharmacy Management - Volume 03
ASHP Mid-Year Meeting 2000 Las Vegas, NV
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Welcome to Current Concepts in Pharmacy Management, Volume 3, an informative video presenting highlights of the ASHP Mid-Year Meeting 2000. Hosted by Bill Gouveia, MS, Director of Pharmacy, New England Medical Center, Boston, MA, this program lets you share the stimulating insights enjoyed by the meeting's attendees in a variety of areas. Topics include:

  • 2001 Joint Commission Standards Update (Kurt A. Patton, Executive Director, Accreditation Services, JCAHO, Maryanne Popovich, Executive Director Home Care Accreditation, JCAHO, Darryl S. Rich, Associate Director, Surveyor Development & Management, JCAHO)
  • Improving Patient Safety (Kennth N. Barker, PhD, Betsy Flynn, PhD, Ginette Pepper, RN, PhD, FAAN, Juie Golembiewski, PharmD, Andrew J. Donnelly, PharmD, MBA)
  • Pharmacogenomics (Dennis M. Williams, PharmD, Alan L. Veenstra, PharmD, PhD, Amarylis Gutierrez, PharmD)
  • Clinical Pearls (Bruce R. Canaday, PharmD, FASHP, FAPhA, Sally L. Yowell, PharmD, Jill A. Rebuck, PharmD, Robert Lee Page, II, PharmD)
  • Women's Health Issues (Judith Kando, PharmD, BCPP, Jennifer A. Retterer, PharmD, BCPS, Andrea Coffee, PharmD, BCPS, Andrea Eggert, PharmD, BCPP)
  • Internet Pharmacies (Candy Tsourounis, PharmD, Jean Paul Gagnon, PhD, Mitra Assemi, PharmD, Jerry Moore, FAPhA)
  • 2001 ASHP Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA (Mick Hunt, MS, FASHP, ASHP President)

Don't miss out on this exciting update of the ASHP Mid-Year Meeting 2000. We look forward to seeing you at the next ASHP meeting

Total Running Time: 35 minutes

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