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Current Concepts In Pharmacy Management - Volume 11
Technology Update - Current Issues and Future Trends
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Ortho Biotech is proud to bring you the latest volume in the "Current Concepts in Pharmacy Management" series. This edition provides a technology update by discussing current issues and future trends. You will hear from several thought leaders, not only in hospital pharmacy practice, but also futurists and others who design the future before we live it. While exciting technologies have entered into our daily practice, many technologies are yet to be fully utilized by the majority of practitioners. This program will enable you to discuss and approach technological advances in both general and specific terms. The program also addresses several technology myths head-on, bringing expectations in line with day to day practicality.

Overall discussion will address the impact of technology on pharmacy practice today, technology as it relates to new drug therapies and technology as it relates to patient and drug specific information. We'll also give you a glimpse of the future to help you better prepare for exciting new technolgoies such as nanotechnology, wherein drug development is brought from the molecular level to the atomic.

Thank you for joining us as we present "Current Concepts in Pharmacy Management — Volume 11, Technology Update — Current Issues and Future Trends".

The program features interviews with 8 thought leaders in pharmacy: Thomas S. Foster, PharmD, Professor, College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky; Rita Shane, PharmD, FASHP, Director, Pharmacy Services, Cedars Sinai Medical Center Philip J Schneider, MS, FASHP, Director Latiolais Leadership Program, Ohio State University; Bill Felkey, MS, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Care Systems, Auburn University; Clement Bezold, President, Institute for Alternative Futures; Christopher Thomsen, President, The Thomsen Group, Inc.; Peter Wedlund, Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky; Emily Patterson, PhD, Research Physical Scientist, Veteran's Administration, Ohio State University.

Total Running Time: 26 minutes . Expiration Date: 4/30/05

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